Tixie – Wild Cat Scratching Cardboard


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Trixie Wild Cat Scratching Board with Catnip is Safe and comfortable to use. This Trixie Wild Cat cardboard scratcher works very well as a horizontal scratching surface for cats. It is very satisfying for cats to claw on and it can be moved to any spot in the house. Some cats even enjoy taking a quick cat nap on it!.
Particularly with house cats that love to scratch, we recommend offering a scratching option in every room. Scratching boards are small simple solutions if there is no room for larger scratching furniture.

Key Features
– Laying cardboard with catnip
– Made of corrugated cardboard
– Saving your furniture from being scratching
– Attached with additional catnip for better feeding result
– Safe and comfortable to use
– Dimension : 41 x 7 x 24 cm

Pawtip: To get your cat interested in using the scratboard, you can sprinkle some catnip on it or use a catnip spray. You can also prop it up against the door frame where he or she usually goes to exercise his/her claws.




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