Savavet Lisybin for Small Dogs & Cats 10 Tabs


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Savavet Lisybin is a hepaprotective drug for dogs that helps to protect the dog from hepatitis. By improving liver condition, Savavet Lisybin can show vital developments digestion, bile secretion, and appetite.

Savavet Lisybin contains S-Adenosylmethionine and Silybin.

Savavet Lisybin is suitable for small medium and large breed dogs.

  • Small Breeds dogs up to 6kg weight and cats.

Savavet Lisybin Should be considered with a vet prescription only.

Dosage of Savavet Lisybin for small Dogs and cats 

  • Small variant is for dogs up to 6kg body weight and cats.
  • Medium variant is for dogs from 6 -16kg body weight.
  • Large variant is for those above 16 kg body weight.




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