Savavet Lisybin for Medium Dogs 10 Tabs


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Savavet Lisybin is a hepaprotective drug for dogs. Savavet Lisybin supports vital liver functions and helps the dog from hepatitis. Savavet Lisybin improves the liver condition,

Composition of Savavet Lisybin

  • Savavet Lisybin contains S-Adenosylmethionine and Silybin.
  • Savavet Lisybin is suitable for,medium breed dogs.

Dosage of Savavet Lisybin 

  • The dosage of Savavet Lisybin is dependent on the pets idle weight
  • Savavet Lisybin is suitable for  Medium Breed dogs from 6 -16kg bodyweight.

Note – Consider Savavet Lisybin only with a vet consideration only




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