Savavet Advamun 100ml syrup for Dogs & Cats


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Advamun is an immunity booster syrup from savavet for dogs & cats. It has naturally proven safe ingredients. It also helps protect pets from infections.

Contains aloevera known for its nutrient dense ingredients like amino acids, vitamins, minerals etc. It also helps neutralize free radicals. Also contains Ocimum sanctum – Beta carotene known for its powerful antioxidant effects, stress reliever and antimicrobial prperties. Contains Curcuma longa Rhizome – Curcumin extract which helps to purify blood and known for its anti-cancel properties. Contains Heart-leaved moonseed tinospora cordifloia known for its superfood properties for ages.

Usual dosage is 1ml/kg body weight in dogs & cats twice a day.

Ingredients: Each 10 ml of Advamun Syrup contains Aloe Vera 150mg, Ocimum Sanctum 100mg, Tinospora Cordifolia 150mg, Curcuma Longa Rhizome 50mg.

Quantity: 100ml.




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