ME-O Dry Adult Cat Food Tuna Flavour


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Me-O Tuna Adult Dry Cat Food is a nutritionally rewarding and easily digestible cat food having all the essential constituents for maintaining overall health and wellbeing in cats of all breeds. Cats of all breeds will be Me-O-wing for joy with the first taste of Me-O Food. Me-O elevates the art of balanced nutrition to a new level providing complete nutrition in a food full of flavor. Your feline will ask for Me-O time and time again. While enjoying Me-O’s great taste, your cat will also have a long healthy life. Me-O Tuna Adult Dry Cat Food is a balanced meal containing high amounts of growth influencing protein, seeded from tuna. Bones and teeth of the cats are strengthened with a balanced proportion of calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D. Me-O Tuna Adult Dry Cat Food contains Taurine which is an amino acid, essential for the proper functioning of the eyes and to improve the cat’s eyesight. Vitamin C is a natural antioxidant for improving the health of the immune system and for lowering environmental stress. Me-O Tuna Adult Dry Cat Food aims to look after the overall well-being of the young feline. Sodium content in the diet has been reduced considerably for maintaining stable blood pressure and to safeguard renal health. Essential vitamins and minerals in the diet boost urinary health and support strong bones and joints. Me-O Tuna Adult Dry Cat Food is delicious and digestible dry cat food which supplies omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids along with zinc to nourish skin and fur.

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